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  1. Six Bullets Tattoo Interview

    Six Bullets Tattoo Interview

    Hidden away in London between Islington and Camden, Six Bullets Tattoo studio is a thriving den of tattoo artists with a huge range of styles and specialties. We stole two of their artists, Adrian DeLargue and Laura Lenihan, away from the hustle and bustle of the studio for a chat about their styles, inspirations, and advice for apprentices. Watch the...
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  2. Tatcon Blackpool 2022 Preview

    Tatcon Blackpool 2022 Preview

    Returning for its 8th edition, the Tatcon Blackpool convention will be hosting over 180 artists from around the world this 13th-14th August. Held at the Norbreck Castle Hotel, right on the promenade of Blackpool’s waterfront, you’ll find plenty to do at Tatcon. As well as perusing the incredible work on display, you can keep yourself entertained with a huge variety...
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  3. Sponsored Artist of the Month – Gaby Castel

    Sponsored Artist of the Month – Gaby Castel

    Working out of her own studio in central Paris, Gaby Castel is the award-winning tattoo artist creating neo-traditional geisha-inspired portraits. From setting up L’Encre du Kraken to winning award after award at tattoo conventions, Gaby’s career has taken her all around the world creating richly detailed, colourful pieces. We had a chat with Gaby about her inspirations, how she works...
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  4. Titanic International Tattoo Convention 2022 Preview

    Titanic International Tattoo Convention 2022 Preview

    Just a short trip over the Irish Sea is the Titanic Tattoo Convention in Belfast, which in its 7th year will play host to 95 tattoo artists from around the world. Held over three days from the 29th–31st July, the convention is held at the Titanic Museum at the Belfast shipyard, close to the city centre, and easy to access...
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  5. Liverpool Tattoo Convention 2022 – Spring Edition Video

    Liverpool Tattoo Convention 2022 – Spring Edition Video

    The Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool was once again overtaken by a mass of tattoo artists, enthusiasts and collectors for the Spring Edition of 2022’s Liverpool Tattoo Convention! As our hometown convention, we were there catching up with some of our sponsored artists and checking out which work would get the gold. Filled to the brim with over 250 artists spread...
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  6. Interview with Richie Bulldog – Co-Founder of Hustle Butter

    Interview with Richie Bulldog – Co-Founder of Hustle Butter

    Richie Bulldog is the co-founder and creative director of the world-famous Hustle Butter tattoo care. From getting his first tattoo in New York when the practice was still illegal in that state, to creating an all-natural, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly product, Richie and his Hustle Butter brand have seen the tattoo industry grow to where it is today. We interviewed Richie...
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  7. Bristol Tattoo Convention 2022 Preview

    Bristol Tattoo Convention 2022 Preview

    Taking over the Ashton Gate Stadium from the 9th - 10th July, the Bristol Tattoo Convention is back in business for 2022. Featuring 250 artists from all around the world and over 30 stands trading everything from tooth gems to taxidermy, there’ll be plenty to see at the 6th edition of the Bristol Tattoo Convention. You’ll find some of our...
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  8. Sponsored Artist of the Month – Keira Rose

    Sponsored Artist of the Month – Keira Rose

    Working out of the critically acclaimed Semper Tattoo in Edinburgh, Keira Rose is becoming well known for her incredible colour realism depicting natural elements. Her tattoo subjects span everything from micro bumble bees and branches to floral collages and wreaths, made with incredibly delicate strokes. Keira’s creativity goes behind the tattoo machine and can be seen in her paintings and...
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  9. Matt Daniels/Stickypop Interview

    Matt Daniels/Stickypop Interview

    We visited Season One Tattoo in Preston to have a chat with our sponsored artist, the colourful pop culture specialist Matt Daniels, aka Stickypop. Known for his brightly coloured pieces combining elements of geek culture – from anime, comics, video games and more – with neo-traditional flower designs, Matt has become the go-to tattoo artist in the North West of...
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  10. Corsair Tattoo Ink 2022 Preview

    Corsair Tattoo Ink 2022 Preview

    After an involuntary two-year hiatus, Corsair Tattoo Ink is back in business this 2-3rd July at Le Quai Saint-Malo, situated within the ramparts of the seaside city. Thanks to the support of artists and fans alike, Corsair will be back for its fifth edition in 2022 with hundreds of exhibitors, including tattoo artists, piercers, clothing brands, musicians, and food stalls...
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