Micky Sharpz coil tattoo machines are some of the most recognisable in the tattooing industry, with many artists worldwide using one or more as their daily runners.

We offer a range of high-quality coil machines from Micky Sharpz, including liners, shaders and colour packers with one of four frames: brass, bronze, cast iron or stainless steel. Each and every Micky Sharpz coil machine is individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

With so many tattoo artists staying loyal to a Micky Sharpz coil, we wanted to take a look at some of the favourites in the line-up and possibly find your next machines!

Micky Sharpz Bronze Micro Dial Tattoo Machine – Liner

The Bronze Micro Dial coil tattoo machine from Micky Sharpz is constructed from phosphor bronze and features a small ‘T Dial’ type frame, which has been cut back for fast positive outlining. It also features powerful, high-resolution H/D coils and a split collet quick change device.

Weighing in at approximately 250 grams, Micky Sharpz’ Bronze Micro Dial runs like an absolute dream and is perfect for lining.

Micky Sharpz Stainless Steel Hybrid Tattoo Machine – Liner/Colour/Shader

Micky Sharpz designed the Stainless Steel Hybrid to include the main features of the world's finest coil machines. The Stainless Steel Hybrid is very robust and smooth running, while also nicely balanced and powerful, and is ideal for lining, shading and colour packing.

Constructed from stainless steel and weighing around 235 grams, this coil tattoo machine features high-quality precision lost wax casting, ensuring perfect alignment of components. It also comes with Sharpz high-resolution magnetic coils and a split collet for fast tube changing.

Micky Sharpz Brass Hybrid Tattoo Machine – Liner/Colour/Shader

The Micky Sharpz Brass Hybrid is similar to its stainless steel counterpart above, with the exception of a stunning brass frame – which adds an extra 10 grams to the machine for a total weight of 245 grams.

Like with the stainless steel version, the Brass Hybrid excels at lining, shading and colour packing and comes with the same lost wax casting, high-resolution magnetic coils, and split collect quick change device.

Micky Sharpz MkIV Hornet Tattoo Machine – Colour/Shader

The Micky Sharpz MkIV Hornet is an old favourite that has been designed to be versatile and efficient, and will put colour in smoothly and shade with ease.

Constructed from cast iron and enhanced with brass fittings, the MkIV Hornet coil tattoo machine runs like a dream and is at its best under pressure.

Topping the scales at approximately 260 grams, the MkIV Hornet features high-resolution magnetic coils with clear covers and a maxi-grip quick change device.

Micky Sharpz MkIV Line-O-Graph Tattoo Machine – Liner

The MkIV Line-O-Graph has been specially-designed by Micky Sharpz for outlining and is used in various forms by many tattoo artists globally.

Constructed from cast iron and enhanced with brass fittings, the MkIV Line-O-Graph coil tattoo machine has a fast-action, cut-back design for smooth, positive lines and weighs in at 240 grams.

The MkIV Line-O-Graph also features a slotted front contact hole for maximum adjustment, high-resolution magnetic coils with clear covers, and a maxi-grip quick change device.

Micky Sharpz Iron Tribute Tattoo Machine – Shader

Micky Sharpz’s Iron Tribute coil machines are custom-built and set-up to run as close as they can get to the famous old-style tattoo machines.

Constructed from cast iron and finished in oil black, so it really is an excellent-looking machine!

Ideal for shading, the Iron Tribute weighs around 240 grams and comes fitted with high-resolution magnetic coils and a maxi-grip quick change device like other machines in the range.

Whichever coil tattoo machine you choose from the Micky Sharpz line-up, you can be sure that it will be a brilliant daily runner! If you need help choosing a particular model for your tattooing style and preferences, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!